“Transitions Between School To College And Careers”

“Transitions Between School To College And Careers”

In my recent initiative more as a CSR project on a very small scale for a training firm like “iTrain Plus”, I experienced something remarkable.

Before the internship began my objective for a student’s internship was different. I wanted to give the student’s the safe comfort of the house and not unnerve them by training them in an office Boardroom environment plus my residence office in Gurgaon would fall in close vicinity to the school students.

The first day my residence office room became full and I had to grab an extra stool from my drawing room as the room was full of students and their respective parents. I explained to the parents what my objectives were and sought their opinions.

At the beginning, we all were adjusting to the challenges of internship experience at a residence office. After a short while when we all got busy for the purpose of an internship by sharing individual student’s ideas we felt comfortable.

I myself was missing the boardroom or conference room training comfort. Let me confess being a hotelier with 11 + experience I have become a little-spoilt trainer in terms of the training comforts.

The first day of the student’s internship, 06.06.2016, I casually asked them during their introduction round as to why they wanted an internship under iTrain Plus.

The reply was mostly that they wanted to understand the training business from an entrepreneur’s experience and get the feel and taste of the corporate world.

Initially, like any Intern coach, I had also planned to give them certain assignments and carry on with my firm’s training duties. There was something unique in these student’s eyes which motivated me to go beyond and give them a unique experience.

I would like to thank Ms.Urvashi Walia, “The Heritage School”, Gurgaon, Counsellor for giving me this opportunity to add value to the young student’s life.

2 weeks internship experience was a great experience as it was an eye-opener for me as a Trainer in terms of how early intervention and guidance of a trainer can bring such positive changes in the students learning and outlook……….

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